What makes Georgian wine unique?

Georgia is the oldest wine producing country in the world, with historians finding evidence for wine production in Georgia dating back 8,000 years. It is also produced naturally by way of fermentation in qvevri pots which are buried beneath the ground to keep the wine cool and fresh.  

What types of Georgian wine are there?

Georgian producers create white, red and rosé wine, not to mention sparkling and dessert wines, as well as brandies. 

What is a qvevri?

Qvevri is the name given to the unique clay pot with which some Georgian wine is still produced to this day. Like a larger version of an amphora, the qvevri is used to ferment grapes to produce wine. Pips, stalks, flesh, skin and all are thrown into the qvevri, which is then buried under ground, to allow the grapes to work their magic, undisturbed. Wines are left to mature for around six months before being unearthed at long last, ready for bottling and enjoying

Is Georgian wine natural?

Yes, Georgian wine is natural. This means no unnatural preservatives, nasties or sulphites are added during its production. All wine has sulphites in, as the chemical naturally occurs in grapes. However, some producers add additional sulphites into their wines to aid preservation and maintain freshness, this isn’t necessary with Georgian wine.

Is Georgian wine orange?

Some white Georgian wines can appear to be light orange in colour. Georgian wines can have a straw-like appearance. These golden hues are part of what makes Georgian wine so alluring to newcomers. 

Can I buy Georgian rosé?

Yes, we sell rosé wines, as well as red and white Georgian wine.

Why is Georgian wine popular?

Georgian wine has been steadily growing in popularity over the last decade. A buzz has been generated about natural wine during the last several years, and Georgian wine has benefited from this renewed interest. Georgian wine has become widely drunk in the United States, including the Bay Area around San Francisco, and has even been making waves in the UK, due to wine sellers importing special Georgian wines, and fine dining restaurants adding it to their wine lists.

We aim to be a part of this movement, bringing Georgian wine to the masses.

Where is Georgian wine produced?

Georgian wine is produced throughout the Eastern European country of Georgia. One of the things which makes Georgian wine unique is that the country’s wine is produced by many small-batch farmers and family run operations, rather than large commercial undertakings. 

The premier wine producing region of Georgia is the Kakheti region of eastern Georgia

What is the history of Georgian wine?

Grapes have been cultivated and wine brewed in Georgia for more than 8,000 years, outlasting the rise and fall of various empires and eras. The ancient Georgian tradition of qvevri winemaking has been granted protected status by UNESCO. Qvevri winemaking was also inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, meaning the tradition will live on, and is granted the respect it deserves.

How is Georgian wine best enjoyed?

Georgian wine is best enjoyed socially. We offer food pairing match suggestions for every wine we stock, giving you inspiration for dinner parties or wine and cheese parties. 

Can I buy Georgian wine as a gift?

Yes! Georgian wine makes a fabulous gift for friends and family. The more the merrier in our opinion! Whether you choose to buy a special bottle, a case or one of our wine and cheese packages, your gift will be sure to make a great impression. 

We also offer seasonal wine and cheese hampers. Explore our hampers, from Valentine’s Day hampers to summer picnic hampers and Christmas gift hampers.


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