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Rosé wines

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Georgia is known for its red and white wine, however, don’t be fooled into thinking Georgia doesn’t produce rosé wines as well!

Georgian rosés are often light pink in colour, they get their colour from the grapes used in production, such as Saperavi, as their flesh creates a light pink colour, whereas the colour of other rosés commonly comes from the grape’s skin. You’ll struggle to find unique Georgian rosés on supermarket shelves, so why not explore them right here today?

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Georgian rosé wine is commonly made from red grapes grown in the country’s wine producing regions. There are various different methods employed in the winemaking process, which influences the colour of the finished product.

The biggest variation between styles of rosé is how long the grapes remain in their skins during the maceration process. Some rosé wines are pale pink because the grapes are pressed and the skin is instantly removed. As well as pale pink rosés, you will encounter Georgian rosés with a darker ruby colouring or a salmon pink hue.


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