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White Wines

Georgian White Wines for Wine Lovers in the UK

There are Plenty of Georgian Wine Options to Stock Wine Cellar with !

You might be a devotee of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio, if so don’t stop reading. You won’t find Georgian white wines on your local supermarket’s shelves, or even on popular online stores. However, Georgian whites such as Rkatsiteli Kondoli Marani, Satrapezo Rkatsiteli 10 Qvevri or Chateau Mukhrani / Goruli Mtsvane have been surprising new drinkers regularly with their bold, refreshing and complex flavours. 

Georgian wines lose nothing in comparison to Italian, French and Spanish wines, and in fact are often much more rewarding. So, why not try a white wine from Europe’s oldest wine culture; you might just find your favourite new wine.

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What do you know about Georgia? Maybe only that it’s a small country bordering Russia. Georgia’s landmass also borders Turkey with the Black Sea sitting on its West coast, giving it a warm and temperate climate, perfect for grape cultivation. Georgian’s have been exploiting their good fortune through wine vinification for at least 8,000 years. 

This makes Georgia the oldest wine culture in Europe. No, you didn’t read that wrong. So, why has Georgian wine not spread across the world until now? The reason is bound up in the country’s difficult relationship with its neighbour. As a result, Georgian wine was banned from being exported for many years, however since 2007 the rule was lifted, allowing ambassadors like us to spread the word about the quality of Georgian wine.


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