Welcome to Wine of Georgia

My mission in setting up Wine of Georgia is to introduce the extraordinary and under-appreciated wine produce of Georgia to wine lovers in the UK. Georgia is the world’s oldest wine producing region, with a tradition of wine making going back at least 8,000 years. Here, at Wine of Georgia you can buy fine Georgian wine online from our selection of white wines, red wines and rosés, Prosecco-like sparkling wines, unique dessert wines and brandies. Take a look at my collections while you’re here if you would like to try my favourite handpicked wines.

Wine of Georgia select and import quality wines from the finest vineyards in Georgia for all occasions - whether you work in distribution for a pub or fine dining restaurants, or you want surprising and remarkable wines to accompany a dinner party, wedding, birthday or corporate event, I can cater to your unique needs.

Wine of Georgia aim to deliver a bespoke experience of Georgian wine, sourced from local, Marani and Kondoli vineyards and farms in Georgia, accompanied by a selection of the finest British handmade cheeses, Snowdonia chutney, and the highest quality artisan biscuits, made using ground mill flour. Take a look at my wine and cheese eco packages and wine and cheese hampers for special occasions and all year round.

The range I’ve selected shares one characteristic: it’s all high quality, uniquely produced natural Georgian wine, including Georgian orange wine and organic wine. You’ll find a wide selection - redwhite, rosé sparkling and dessert wines (and a couple of brandies too!), all varying in grape type and intensity, plus we offer optional cheeseboards as part of our wine and cheese eco packages and hampers.

The business aims to deliver to your door a wide range of products and distribute to pubs and restaurants with fine dining at their heart and work closely with wedding planners, event organizers and wine suppliers.

My journey through the wine industry and fine dining worlds 

I am a true passionate lover of natural wine and food with a holistic approach to lifestyle and health. I have six years’ experience of working in fine dining restaurants in London and Manchester, in the position of Head Waitress and Manager. These experiences include the Michelin star certified The Square, and Sir Terence Conran’s prestigious Sartoria at Savile Row in London. In 1998, I worked alongside famous TV restaurateur Fred Sirieix at Sartoria, which was renowned at the time for its extended wine list, stocking wine from all Italian regions.

A significant part of the employment training included fine dining and wine tasting experiences of a large variety of world class wines, such as Tignanello from Italy. Other tasting involved Italian grappa, limoncello and all varieties of Vintage Veuve Clicquot. During this posting, I visited one of the largest Champagne houses in the world based in Reims, the Veuve Clicquot Headquarters in France for training, where tasting of different vintages of Veuve Clicquot took place and I further developed a knowledge of wine grape varieties.

This is an especially important experience to possess, in identifying quality, intensity, association, and most crucially, wine selection to accompany specific foods and meals. I have continued to grow the passion and my knowledge for quality wine and good food throughout my professional life. Working in fitness since 2000 allowed me to further develop, nurture and grow my love for natural wine and food ingredients that surround us and the nature has to offer, especially because of the challenges we face today.

My recommendations:

If you have never enjoyed/tested the wonders of Georgian unfiltered qvevri wine, here are my recommendations for first time drinkers to be enjoyed:

Red: Satrapezo, 100% Saperavi grape

White: Rkatsiteli, 100% Rkatsiteli Marani

Wine bottles

Ethically produced wine, ethical packaging

Georgian Qvevri wine, such as white Satrapezo Rkatsiteli 10 Qvevri and red Saperavi Marani Qvevri, is produced with minimal or no interventions in the winery, which enhances its health boosting nutrients and antioxidant levels. This natural wine contains little or none of the additives such as yeast, sugar, colouring, nasty pesticides or sulphites which are often added during wine production. Sulphites are harmless and are naturally occurring in all wine, but often in industrial and conventional winemaking, sulphites are included/added during the process. Georgian wines represent natural goodness and are undoubtedly a healthier choice than conventional wines and make a perfect addition to your lifestyle.

Moreover, Georgian grapes are grown in vineyards which are exceptionally mature, due to the many generations that this ancient tradition has been followed. Winemaking in Georgia has been an ever present for almost as long as people have lived in the country!

Not only this, but I ensure Wine of Georgia packaging, like the wine we stock, doesn’t have a harmful impact on the world around us. In this vein, additions such the packaging is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. I do everything I can to minimise the company's carbon and environmental footprint.

My mission and the future of Georgian wine in the UK

Wine of Georgia's bespoke services are designed around the needs of my clients, and so custom food and wine pairings are available for all customers. Packages can be built around our customer’s tastes and preferences.

Wine of Georgia brings an exciting range of wine to the UK to engage and fire the imaginations of wine lovers across the country, who are known for their curiosity and willingness to embrace and explore wine from far flung corners of the world.

By drinking Georgian wine, you’ll not only enjoy unique and entirely natural flavours, but you help to sustain an 8,000-year-old method of small batch wine production, that has been granted protected status by UNESCO.

Natural Georgian wine will take you on a magnificent journey to discover all the exciting stories behind its making and support the principles and continuity of organic farming and ancient winemaking. 

Wine of Georgia is passionate about Georgian wine and is committed making it as available and accessible to wine drinkers as your average (maybe not average but typical?) Cabernet Sauvignon or Sauvignon Blanc. Georgian wine has long been celebrated for centuries as the quality wine of choice and has now landed on the shores of the UK.

My mission is to be an ambassador of Georgian wine. I aim to introduce to your dining table the experience of this spectacular wine, especially selected for its fine quality and expressive taste. We’d love to see Georgian wine become the next big thing in the UK, so that it’s available wherever wine lovers and connoisseurs appreciate and enjoy wine.