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The quality of Georgian brandy is much admired throughout the world

We stock fine Georgian brandies at Wine of Georgia for you to enjoy

You have probably never come across Georgian brandy before; the flavours and quality of the spirit may surprise even the most seasoned brandy drinkers. Georgian brandies are sweet, spicy and smooth, making the perfect after-dinner drink to sip in front of the fire. Georgian brandy also makes a great gift, so take a look at our brandy range below.

The history of Georgian brandy

Brandy has been produced in Georgia since the 1800s. During the Yalta Conference in 1945, Winston Churchill remarked on the quality of an Eniseli, presuming it was French, to which Joseph Stalin replied, informing him it was actually Georgian. 

The first Georgian brandy of note, OC, was produced in 1901, created by Davit Sarajishvili. OC, an acronym for the phrase ‘very old’ in Russian, won 11 gold medals in exhibitions between 1889 to 1913. Today, Georgian brandy is created using a fusion of modern and traditional techniques.

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