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Red wines

Wine from the beautiful Country of Georgia 

slowly making its way westwards !

We want to bring Georgian red wine to the attention of wine lovers and connoisseurs across the UK, and it’s our mission to ensure it’s widely available to wine drinkers across the country.

Red wine from Georgia, such as Marani Riserve 2012 and Saperavi Marani Qvevri are ideal to drink with friends at a dinner party or celebration, and make a fantastic gifting option too.

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The average UK wine lover probably haven't heard of Georgian wine. Located at the intersection of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, Georgia is part of the Caucasus region. Georgians have been cultivating grapes to use in wine production for more than 8,000 years, making Georgia one of the oldest wine-producing countries in the world. 

 What does Georgian red wine taste like?

Georgian Reds produced through the Qvevri method are spicier and more peppery than red wine produced in the typical European fashion. Qvevri-produced wines may also have a thicker texture than conventional reds.

When enjoyed with food, Georgian reds are often paired with roasted meats, casseroles, fish and cheese. See our food and wine pairing recommendations on all our wine product pages for inspiration for your dinner party or restaurant menu.

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